This is relatively new to the market, this is a system that enables inspectors to check a roof for pinholes and porosity quickly and effectively. Non-conductive membranes (up to a maximum thickness of 26mm) can be tested. For the test to be effective, the membrane must have a conductive backing.

This test is an electronic integrity test, as frequently called up on Architects specifications. However, for existing buildings, a spark test will accurately identify any holes (from almost invisible pinholes, right up to larger holes). We can survey your roof, identify problems and submit a written report – if this might be of interest, just give us a call.

We are offer this service to other roofing contractors and builders the option of a spark test.  Our machine is capable of detecting even the smallest pin hole in either PVC, Built-up Bituminous roofing or asphalt. Upon Completion of a test a report is issued to the client.