Preventive Roof Maintenance Agreement

Our maintenance contracts are intended to provide owners of facilities an alternative to manufacturer’s roofing system warranties, which generally provide no protection against conditions, which usually result in leakage to the interior, and no provision for preventive maintenance of roofing assemblies.

Metal Roof maintenance inspections should be only carried out under safe working conditions by an experienced specialist metal roofing contractor and should NOT be the responsibility of a general roofing contractor of in-house maintenance staff.

Once or twice a year (or more often if conditions dictate), an experienced roof assessor will walk the roof areas covered by the contract, conduct a visual audit and an informal non-destructive survey of the roof(s) and provide a written report and pictures on existing roof conditions. All routine maintenance required will be noted for corrective action. If the roofing assembly has been damaged by wind, lightning, other maintenance contractors, or facility maintenance personnel, a written proposal for the cost to repair such damage will be provided with the report.

Following each inspection, a maintenance crew will be directed to the facility to perform routine maintenance to the roof.