For more than 75 years, PREFA Aluminium GmbH have been manufacturing durable, premium and robust Aluminium products for the European market, giving both homeowners and businesses alike a piece of mind equipped with a protection that lasts a lifetime.

The full range of products have a modern and sleek design ensuring your project is given an updated and aesthetically pleasing look.

PREFA Aluminium is a highly durable and lightweight Roofing and Cladding material.  Environmental challenges such as high and low temperature extremes and harsh unpredictable storms will not compromise the quality of this material.  PREFA Aluminium is 100% rust proof and is environmentally friendly as it is fully recyclable. PREFA products are manufactured to the upmost standards, using materials and colours that are guaranteed to last.   PREFA is available in a wide range of colours like Black, Brown, Anthracite, Grey, Red, White and Silver Metalic and many more and all products come with a 40 year warranty.